Q. How can I use Vonplan service and place calls?
In order to place a call, dial any one of our access numbers then follow the prompt.

To place a call to Overseas destinations:
    011 + country code + city code + phone number
    example: to call someone in Tokyo, Japan you would dial the following number
    011 + 81 + 3 + XXXX-XXXX

To place a call to North America's destinations:
    1 + area code + phone number
    example: to call someone in Montreal, Canada you would dial the following number
    1 + 514 + XXX-XXXX

Q. Where can I find country codes and rates?
You may view the country codes on our rate chart found by clicking on following link: Products
Q. Is support available in other languages?
Currently, we are providing technical support in English. If you have reviewed Support page, and you are not entirely satisfied with the answer or your problem was not solved, you can send your inquiry to our support staff by email.
Q. Does my account have an expiration date?
Yes, Card expires 3 months from first use.
For more information on international long distance calling, please send us your inquiry using our contact information.
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